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Books by Carol Tavris. Mistakes Were Made, but Not by Me. The author shows leaders how to avoid policies and strategies that focus on shallow and short-term goals and develop leadership skills for long-term success. Introducing a new framework for handling and evaluating extreme risk, Posner draws on years of experience to show how decision makers can best cope with the “Black Swans” of our time. These people were then quizzed for half an hour on as many details as they could remember from the poster.

The book goes even further into big mistakes that people make and refuse to admit, mlstakes as in the criminal system where suspects are locked away for years “I know he’s the rapist so I’ll interrogate him for hours until he finally confesses” until DNA finally proves their innocence.

Mistakes Were Made, but Not by Me : NPR

When they were finally let into the room to do the test half of them were actually given the syllables to learn for half an hour, the other half of them were asked if they had noticed the poster in the waiting room. Leaders Without Titles challenges the way we determine who our leaders should be and uncovers the factors that really influence the ability to lead.

In an effort to convince ourselves that the more desirable belief is the correct one, we will selectively focus on evidence supporting the more desirable belief and deny, ignore, or minimize evidence supporting the less desirable belief confirmation bias.

It’s as necessary as Khanaman’s Thinking Fast and Slow. The one quibble I would have is the division the authors make of the world into “perpetrators” and “victims” — a language that masks the real complexity of certain relationships and interactions in which both parties are one and the same and at the same bg neither — which is when the conflicts become really intractable and the self-justifications that much harder to see through and to walk away from.

This was by far the best book I have read in quite a few years. Only suggestion I would make is to try to use more examples from across the political spectrum to arrest any rationalization ammo for critics of the book. But this is a very important noh and one that demands to be read.

Mistakes Were Made, but Not by Me

That wouldn’t be a problem if they hadn’t already spent a chapter bagging on therapists for having pet theories without looking at evidence that would contradict the theory. People were asked to come to a room in a university to do a memory test involving a series of nonsense syllables.

At one bt, the authors discussed how people sometimes become so entrenched in downloac position, that the position itself becomes secondary.

This is, as I said, a deeply troubling book. On the contrary, no one wants to admit they are a fool. Rather, it is a book that tries to show that we humans are all too prone to self-justification and this is a terrible danger particularly when we do things that are by any definition not things that we can be proud of. Working on ways currently to mitigate the self-justification effect for myself: Simon and Schuster Format Available: It’s theirs we need to suppress.

Sometimes, I wonder how these people live with themselves. They write, “technically, of course, McDougal is right; Criner could have raped the woman in Texas and ejaculated somewhere else—Arkansas, mistake.

Their citations of clinical works also brings up the interesting possibility that mindfulness-based interventions may be most effective when they undermine self-justification, inserting some space between events and affect, but that’s fodder for a much longer post. This will change the way you view your own thoughts and actions, and make you a better person as a result. That is what’s at stake here.

We need to recognize our cognitive dissonance and listen to the message. She’s always looking for someone to do her work. In this book he marshalls a wide range of powerful evidence from business research and psychology that shows that the current model of work is not only not optimal, it is specfically counter-productive because it saps us of our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual energy. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

Although the expression has been thrown around a lot, few people fully understand its meaning or appreciate its enormous motivational power. View all 3 comments. I’m not sure I love the choice of case studies of this phenomenon among professionals in this book the recovered memory movement in therapy, and gross miscarriages of justice in, well, the justice systemas they undermine quotidian examples we literally do this all day every day.

Nobody likes to be wrong, and scientists are no exception, but they are professionally forced to be.

In one case, they claim to be certain about someone’s motivation for making poor remarks without allowing for those remarks to be caused by downloae person looking for any excuse to self-justify behavior. Mistakes Were Made highlights the biases we have toward creation delusional or unproductive stories to guide our lives.

Encountering the material in this book is very growth engendering. We have detected that you are using AdBlock Plus or some other adblocking software which is preventing the page from fully loading. Many people who think they’ve been abducted by aliens are well aware of the phenomenon of sleep paralysis, but – for no justifiable reason – reject it as an explanation of their experiences.

Prejudices emerge from the disposition of the human mind to perceive and process information in categories. But if we start to do horrible things to our enemies then we need to be able to justify those terrible acts — and we tend to do that by saying that they deserved it, that they are less than human, that they do worse to their enemies, that we are acting in a way that is pure and good and dare we say it humane, and in fact, that they are the ones these powerless victims of ours who are to blame.

Dec 17, K rated it really liked it Shelves: January 1, Moreover, as our actions and logic become further mistxkes further separated, we tend to hold tighter onto our original notions. News, author interviews, critics’ picks and more.