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Prefer the canonical forms of arithmetic and assignment operators.

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Preserve natural semantics for overloaded operators. Know when and how to code for concurrency. This happens automatically when following a good, simple set standrads guidelines. Make data members private, except in behaviorless aggregates C-stylestructs. Avoid calling virtual functions in constructors and destructors.

Prefer minimal classes to monolithic classes. Prefer writing nonmember nonfriend functions.

Be clear what kind of class you’re writing. Description Every software development team should have and follow a coding standard. Always provide new and delete together. Never write external include guards. Use vector and string instead of arrays. Preview this title online.

Avoid type switching; prefer polymorphism. Use explicit RAII and smart pointers. Don’t give away ;df internals. Customize intentionally and explicitly.

Prefer providing abstract interfaces.

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Prefer function objects over functions as algorithm and comparer arguments. Declare variables as locally as possible. Copy and destroy consistently. Prefer algorithm calls to handwritten loops.

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Always write internal include guards. Don’t treat arrays polymorphically. Use the right STL sort algorithm. Rely on types, not on representations. Organizational and Policy Issues.

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Username Password Forgot your username or password? Invest in code reviews. Don’t write code that depends on the order of evaluation of functionarguments. Know what not to standardize. Don’t use unions to reinterpret representation. Write function objects correctly.

Make predicates pure functions. Don’t use invalid objects. Define and initialize member variables in the same order. Series This product is part of the following sutger.

Consider making virtual functions nonpublic, and public functions nonvirtual. Explicitly enable or disable copying. Report, handle, and translate errors appropriately. Inherit, not to reuse, but to be reused. If you provide any class-specific new, provide all of the standard forms plain, in-place, and nothrow. Click on a series title to see the full list of products in the series. We don’t recognize your username or password.

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Compile cleanly at high warning levels. Assert liberally to document internal assumptions and invariants. Prefer composition to inheritance. Throw by value, catch by reference.

Coding standards have many advantages: Design and write error-safe code.