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In the village there is also be a wizard character who is able to cast one “seeing” spell each night by asking the moderator if one villager is a goblinand an optional healer character who can protect one other character from being killed by the goblins each night.

Werewolf – Elventown retheme. Text can be edited. Tales from the Yawning Portal. Werewolf and Player Aid v2 Compilation. Roman Spy Game v1. The ones 16 and beyond, are not noticeably compressed. Character cards from Magic the Gathering work better dlwnload regular playing cards for a role-playing game like Werewolf, because the content of the cards fits with the actual game, and gives the game theme.

After playing a few cons with them, I’ve gotten some requests for the file.

The PDF includes card front, card back, and Tuckbox. PDF document of final version. Chart based on variant uploaded by LordRaidor.

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Includes 1 moderator card, 2 werewolfs, 1 village seer, and 8 villagers. First Edition of Gamma World was published in Chupacabras – Reglas oficiales Aldebaran Games. Btg in or Register to download files. The second page describes the special human roles. This retheme uses alternate names for cards, such as ‘ninja’ for the seer, and alternate game terminology, spring and autumn for day and night.

Mage Knight Board Game. Runner up of the Charles S. The Warlock of Firetop Mountain. Black Spies win by having more of them than White and Grey.

White and Grey Spies win by eliminating Black. Gamma World Gamma World 1st Edition.

Legion of Gold Gamma World 1st Edition. More Information Edit History. We are taking a class trip with a lot of potential down time, and, while the game is perfect for the situation, I want to avoid parents asking why their sixth grader went on a lynching spree. Harry Potter Miniatures Adventure Game. Lastly, I froze the doanload on upper part of the role description sheet.

Players that are knocked out of the game pick a package and either unwrap it or steal an open gift from someone else. The Mines of Bloodstone. This file contains rules and cards for a version of WW based on the tv show Lost.

Gamma World dowmload Edition Average Rating: All to the delight of the Roman Empire. Tales from the Loop. Alone Against the Flames. Geek Market Trades Geek Store. Other optional characters also included.

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Originally compiled by sightreader at http: The pdf is bookmarked, and the images turned landscape. Home Recent Additions Welcome Wiki. The Shady Dragon Inn. I found it messy to download so many things, so heres it all nicely in one file well two inside one Both files has been modified, see below: The Hotness Games People Company. Do downlosd, I noticed ‘The Warp’ bg the 1st fifteen pages.

Zip file contains PDF files to print the rules 8. The setting is a fantasy type village of elves that has been infiltrated by two goblins, who are trying to take over the village.