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This Agreement constitutes the complete and exclusive agreement, oral or written, between you and Nikon. The Camera Body Lens cover closed button Shutter-rdease Press I or K to view the next image. Flat enough to fit in any pocket, the slender Downpoad S is the perfect place to capture photos and video clips in high definition with medium style.

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During Recording During Recording While pictures are being recorded, the number of exposures remaining will blink. Press J to return to the Filter effects selection screen without making any changes. Expand Collapse Tech Specs. The human brain is able to adapt to changes in odwnload color of the light source, with the result that white objects appear white Please read this Agreement carefully before beginning download.

Operations in Favorite Pictures Mode The following operations are available on the album list screen shown in step 2 on page The double border turns green and focus is locked. U Auto default setting When the camera detects subject movement or camera shake, the ISO sensitivity and shutter useg are automatically increased to reduce blurring.

Nikon Coolpix S © User manual in PDF

Tile flash mode can be set to match tile shooting conditions. Page 17 Charge lamp Before taking pictures on important occasions such as at weddings or before taking the camera on a triptake a test shot to ensure that the camera is functioning normally. The power-on lamp green will light, and then the monitor will turn on the power-on lamp turns off when the monitor turns on.

The human brain is able to adapt to changes in the color of the light source, with the result that white objects appear white whether seen in the shade, direct sunlight, or under incandescent lighting.

The Manual is protected by Japanese copyright law and international copyright laws and treaties. D Protect Playback Option: Changing Icons Assigned to Albums The icon assigned to the album can be changed to reflect the theme of pic: Page 12 Motion Detection This feature is useful for reducing the effects of camera shake that occurs when pressing the shutter-release button. The last picture taken will be displayed in full- frame playback mode.

Download software for Nikon products. Page Notes on Print Order When a print order is created in favorite pictures mode, auto sort mode or list by date mode, the screen shown dowwnload is displayed if pictures other than those in the album, the selected category, or taken on the selected shooting date, have been marked for printing.

Face Detection When the camera is pointed at a human face, face detection, with which camera automatically detects that face and focuses on it, starts. To turn off the camera, press the power switch again. The following scene modes are available. Page 71 k Close-up Photograph flowers, insects and other small objects at close range. cookpix

Select the desired picture in full-frame A 72 or thumbnail A 74 playback mode and press the d button. The image mode setting can also be modified in other shooting modes. Software Manuals Firmware Software.

Page 53 Preset Manual The preset manual option is effective with mixed lighting or to compensate for light sources with 3s100 strong color cast when the desired effect has not been achieved with white balance settings like Auto and Incandescent for example, to make pictures taken under a lamp with a red shade look as though they had been shot under white light.

For more information on installing the software, refer to the Quick Start Guide. Page 48 The following shooting modes can be selected. Plug the Charging AC Adapter into an electrical outlet.

Also, a higher sensitivity allows higher shutter speeds, resulting in the picture with less camera shake and subject Single default setting One picture is taken each time the shutter-release button is pressed. Page 73 l Museum Use indoors where flash photography is prohibited maanual example, in museums and art galleries or in other settings in which you do not want to use the flash.

Nikon COOLPIX S3100 Camera User Manual, Instruction Manual, User Guide (PDF)

A auto Mode Basic Photography and Playback: When a face is detected, it is framed by the double border indicating the active focus area. Format memory All images will This product has been archived.

AF-assist illuminator does not light up. Troubleshooting If the camera fails to function as expected, check the list of common problems below before consulting your retailer or Nikon-authorized service representative. The Monitor Parts of the Camera The Monitor The following indicators may appear in the monitor during shooting and playback actual display varies with current camera settings.