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See Using the Management Interface for more information. Designating Slave Systems For each iPrism that will be a slave: Number of URLs processed and blocked for systems using the iPrism in bridge transparent mode.

Enter a name for the file and click Save. If you are not using the Management Interface, leave the Mode as Disabled. When you are finished editing all groups, click Save at the bottom of the Groups window.

If the message does not disappear contact Technical Support: Enter a name for the profile. We downpoad you looking to share information. Page 45 iPrism Administration Guide Figure Click OK to return to the Email Alerts window. If you do not have a local license key file, contact your EdgeWave sales representative for a key.

Enjoy a perfectly balanced cup of McCafe coffee that you can make at home. If Always attempt manual login is selected, one of the following options must be selected here to specify how to handle the manual login.

Type the IP address of the slave. Type the email address es of the users to receive email notification when the quota has been reached. Recovery iPrism Administration Guide Select which interfaces are in use when the iPrism is in a failed state. Installing A New Hotfix Although it is unlikely you will ever need to do this, you can uninstall a Hotfix if you suspect it is causing issues with your iPrism, or if you are directed to do so by EdgeWave Technical Support.

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Network Profile Details Sownload the Authentication tab. Designating the Master System. This does not include general information about a specific geographical location state, city, etc — these sites should be classified as Travel. The path component is the part of the URL which appears after the host name. If you uninstall a Hotfix on which others are dependent, all dependent Hotfixes are also uninstalled.

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What is the status of my job application? You can change any of these if necessary.

Alternative Lifestyle iPrism Administration Guide Alternative Lifestyle Sites that contain information relating to gay, lesbian or bisexual lifestyles. If a time delay is chosen, the interface will be shut down for this time period when the iPrism fails, and then iPrism will attempt to turn the interface back on.

See Backup Settings for details. Page 77 iPrism Administration Guide From the appropriate Authentication dropdown list, select which Authentication mode is to be used if Always attempt manual login is selected in Advanced Auto-Login settings see step 8 below. The Access Denied page will include an Override button, allowing users with override privileges to gain access to the page.

To set the pending request options: To uninstall a Hotfix: As the administrator, you have the opportunity to influence the applicarion on that page. Any configuration changes made to the master system are automatically copied by the slaves.

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applicatioj It is recommended that you bookmark this page. Copying a Profile To create a new profile by copying an existing profile: This apllication blocks all Internet traffic that passes through the iPrism. Can you give me the nutrition information for a product I had outside the U. Where can I get detailed nutritional information for McDonald’s menu items? If you first want to view the default page, make sure iPrism default is selected for that page and click Preview.

Chapter 7 System Settings See all our consultations.

The system works by letting you designate a single master system and one or more slave systems. To create user accounts on the iPrism: Navigate to the folder containing the logo file.

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For more information, click here. If you do not Activate Changes now, you will be prompted to do so before logging out of iPrism. Reporting Logo To customize the logo that shows on reports: Customer Service Can’t find what you are looking for? Page 62 Remote clients that are controlled by a policy in which monitoring is configured periodically send event logs back to iPrism by way of the EdgeWave Data Center.

Directory Services iPrism can be configured to filter Internet traffic in a variety of ways.